AllVol Conference

Every year PCUganda arranges for all of the current volunteers (some 140+) to move* to one location for the AllVol Conference. It was more training and more schedules; only this time we had the chance to teach one another. We shared ideas for effective teaching tactics and shared about current projects in the works. Some interesting stuff is happening in Uganda: the ‘My Spelling Bee’ which involves creating a database of the many tribal languages spoken; and a ‘Places to Go’ video that would showcase all the beautiful sites in country. It was great to finally meet volunteers that could help us with developing ideas at our own sites.

Aside from PC training and sessions, what else do we do at AllVol? Well….. Volleyball of course!


And an 80’s themed Prom…


Then there is always the the after-prom party.


Maybe this is not what you were expecting to see. Well, surprise!


The only challenge was that the Chemonics Annual Planning Meeting was scheduled for the same week as AllVol Conference. Unfortunately we missed the opportunity to meet all of the great people involved with the Feed the Future activity. There is always next year…

*Uganglish translator: In the world of Uganda, “move” means to travel or to meet.


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