Back Alley Computer Repairman

One thing that you cannot trust in Uganda is the power. It is not only a matter of being on or off. You also have to consider the voltage and stability. Even with a power protector and Dr. Voltz regulator, you can be certain that your electronics will be damaged in some capacity. For me, I’ve been through an iPhone charger and laptop cable. All things considered, it is not bad.

When my laptop stopped recharging I thought that there would be no chance of finding the cable I needed in Mbale, or even Uganda. But I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask around. My counterpart recommended Damascus, a local computer repair guy. We planned to meet behind the CD store, but as I walked through the back-alley a woman asked me who I was looking for. She immediately took me by the wrist (as Ugandans’ typically do when they want to show me anything) and had me sit in a cramp hair salon. Three woman sat patiently as their hair was being perm, sewn and pulled into the latest fashion.

Damascus arrived and glanced at my charger. He swiftly lead me through another alley behind a locked gate and opened up what seemed to be his apartment door. On his couch was the exact charger for my laptop, only with the Uganda socket. For only $6 (15000shs) my laptop was working again. Happiness.


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