New Food Blues: The Ugly Side

Lira Tech Week

Lira was supposed to be a time to get hands-on training in the field with volunteers who have been in country for almost a year. Tech-week: voted the best week of training by former volunteers. Unfortunately, I decided to eat the cheese mandaz of death on the bus up to Lira. Basically, I spent three days hiding in the hotel, always within a 20 foot distance from any flushing toilet. There is no need to go into details, but the PCV saying “Never trust a fart” is definitely a tried and trusted piece of advice.

Big thanks to Teresa for calling medical and taking care of me while I was in my delusional-feverish state. Some more fan fare goes to Austin and Ashley for pricking my finger and doing the Malaria test. Luckily it wasn’t Malaria, but, bacterial infection definitely kicked some butt (figuratively, maybe?).


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