Life is an adventure, let’s enjoy it!
Follow my service, my life and my travels as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda.


“That one, just there, the Muzungu girl. She is the one.” said the Ugandan.

Training for the Community Economic Development (CED) sector began June 2014 in the capital city of Kampala. Although volunteers are provided tremendous amounts of information from Peace Corps staff and returned volunteers, this adventure was impossible to prepare for. Many challenges and triumphs will be shared with you along my journey.

Send your love, your questions and your support so that we can experience this adventure together! PO BOX 1189, Mbale Uganda

Getting curious about this little lady? Here are just a few facts:

American Names: Cynthia, Cindy

Ugandan Names (District): Muduwa (Mbale), Cherop (Kapchorwa), Nangobi (Kamuli)

Age: Cancer – Fire – Tiger  ….  Take a guess 😛

Siblings: 3 sisters & 2 brothers

Alumni: Florida Atlantic University, BBA Accounting

Brotherhood: Delta Sigma Pi, Zeta Phi Chapter

Favorite Food: Anything Chocolate

Hometown: Pompano Beach, Florida

Lived in: Orlando, Stockholm, Delray Beach, San Diego

Traveled to: Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Latvia.


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