Delivery!!!!! Thanks Laura!

On Thanksgiving Day there was one thing that I became very thankful for… The Mbale Post Office. There is nothing better than receiving mail; such a feeling of joy and excitement rushes in when we discover a package in our PO Box.

Big shout out and thank you to my friend Laura for the package. We used the seasonings to make stuffing for Thanksgiving Dinner, it was delicious! Also received some awesome Yankee Candles and Magazines… You’re the best!

But unfortunately, Teresa the Turkey did not get to enjoy the “turkey snacks”….. she had already made the trip to the farm. I’ll save the snacks for our next fury/feathery guest 🙂

To Laura : Miss ya chick-a-dee! This Thanksgiving was great, but, nothing can compare to Turkey Day ’12 at our apartment in Delray…. the look on Fluffy’s face when we found him with the gravy was priceless.

Much love to my family and friends back home!