Camera on Uganda

Watch a series of clips from my first five months of Peace Corps Services…. I turn my Camera On Uganda!

Love and Miss Everyone Back Home.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!


Celebrating 50 Years of Peace Corps

The east. A beautiful place of green tropical mountain sides speckled with thatch roofed mud brick homes. We gathered to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps Uganda in the town of Tororo.

The first Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) landed at Entebbe International Airport in 1964, swearing an oath to serve as teachers in the rural schools. Today there are 100+ PCVs serving as teaching, health and economic development volunteers in all regions of Uganda.

Can you find me in the “5”?

How do we commemorate 50 years in eastern Uganda? By celebrating the opening of a new library established by our fellow volunteers at Atiri Secondary School in Tororo. They partnered with Books for Africa and found the grant monies needed to fund the Red Ribbon Library. There were speeches, food, music and even story time. What better way to celebrate volunteering then to read to secondary school children.

A volunteer returns to Uganda after serving almost 50 years ago as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

We hiked up Tororo rock to watch the African sunset.

Current volunteers Wayne and Vanessa lead with Country Director Loucine behind them.

At the top of Tororo Rock with our guide and volunteers Wayne, Josh 1, Brie, Molly, Josh 2 and Teresa.

We played with some fireworks and watched the red moon rise from a hill side cave.

Fountain fireworks with Josh, Wayne and PC Staff Angela.

But most importantly, we took the time to enjoy each others company. As volunteers we have an undeniable bond to one another and to our communities. This was a time to celebrate the life long friendships that started on these same grounds every year, for the past 50 years.

Sunset hike with the volunteers from the east. One love, Uganda.

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