So Fresh and Clean

Everything is harder in Uganda. Any mundane task done in America will take twelve times longer and require six times more energy to complete in Uganda. Don’t try to fact check my calculations, my friend. Just trust me on this one; daily chores are difficult for a spoiled American living in Uganda.

Maybe we need an example to explain. Let’s consider the arch nemesis, laundry day.

Back in the states the process of sorting laundry, carrying it to a machine, adding soap, then pressing a button was annoying. Now, We sort clothes according to line-drying time. Heavy or thick clothes must be washed first for optimal sunshine hours. If water is running low or off, you may have to be choosy* on the Mormon swag wear for next week. (No offense Mormon friends; it’s just the best way to describe the ankle skirt with t-shirt look).

Next you have to wash the dang clothes….. by hand…… with buckets….. and a lab experiment of chemicals somehow labeled soap in Uganda. The process is long and tiring. You’re left with calloused hands and an aching back.


Yep, laundry most definitely is my arch nemesis, and, African orange mud is it’s close accomplice.

But if we have to find some good in hand washing and line drying, here it is: my back is much stronger and my bed sheets are now naturally scented with that ‘fresh mountain breeze’.

*The word “choosy” has been brought to you by a legendary man known as “D”. I’m keeping it real in the motherland my friend. 😉