No More Crazy Dreams

I’m driving on a road through the land of Dr. Seuss in the local Ugandan matatu, packed to capacity. The roads go over a series of very steep mountains, without any trouble driving straight up and down at a 80 degree angle, as if we were in Whoville. As the passengers shout loudly for fear that they will roll back down due to gravity, I calmly wait in the matatu, traveling for over six hours, searching for my taxi stand. I ask the conductor where he is taking me. He shouts from the front seat back to me that I’m late to catch my plane. The conductor insisted that it was time for me to return to Florida.

After demanding that they stop immediately, I walk behind the mitatu to pick my luggage and find my father with three perfectly wrapped presents, tied together with a bow. I asked my father why he was in Uganda. He explained that he needed to drop-off my sister, Lynn’s, birthday presents with me. He wanted me to stop-by D.C. on my way back to Florida to give her the presents. After insisting that I was staying in Uganda, the conductor informed me that my luggage was already loaded on the plane. I flag down another mitatu back to Mbale and decide to forget about chasing down my luggage. I figured it would be easier to buy all new things.

Now I’m waiting in a motel lobby for my friend to arrive when a baby rhinoceros comes galloping towards me. The little rhinoceros jumps up onto me placing its front hooves on my shoulders, as a dog would, and looks at me in the eye with a smile. After playing fetch and commanding the rhino to perform tricks such as sit, rollover and lay down, the owner comes to greet me in the lobby. She is a very friendly and charismatic woman whom adopted the orphan rhinoceros.

Then I wake up.

After taking mefloquine antimalarial for the first few months in country, I’ve begun to develop the ‘vivd-dream’ side effects. After seeing a smiling galloping rhino in my dreams, I decided that it would be best to change my antimalarial medications.

No more crazy dreams for me, thank you.

Now time to experiment with the side-effects of Malarone, lets see what happens…