All I Want for Christmas Is You!

Here is a little video from Peace Corps Uganda to our friends & family back home. We love and miss you all!

Thank you to Josh Cruz for making the video!


Accepting a Peace Corps invitation opens a flood gate of questions from friends and family. Often times conversations start with “but, why?” As if they meant to say, “Are you crazy!?”There is no pay, limited resources, cultural differences, safety concerns and the ultimate sacrifice: time. There is a sense of misunderstanding that builds and creates a feeling of being, well for lack of a better description, different.

Then there are those who choose to serve. These Peace Corps dreamers know someway, somehow, in the core of their being, that the call to serve is undeniable. We know that this will be one of the best decisions in our lifetime. The legacy calls our names so clearly that we cannot turn away. There is no “but, why?”

Walking into the Peace Corps staging room brought a feeling of excitement. And now that we are with colleagues whom have also heard the call to serve, we no longer hear the same questions of “why?” Sitting in a room of 40 dynamic people who are committed to serving in Uganda brings a sense of calm. No more explanation needed. It’s time to take action. We are a strong team, ready for service!